Since 1997, Mulligan’s Restaurant had brought affordable casual dining to southern Maine.  Now we have expanded our entertainment options to include indoor golf to cater to the residents of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts!

Located in a historic brick facility, built in the 1890’s, Mulligan’s Indoor Golf Club combines the latest in simulated golf technology with the warmth of exposed brick and beam construction to provide a truly unique indoor golfing experience along with casual dining for the Tri-State area.

With thirty-six courses to choose from, on four golf simulators, there are challenges for every level of player.   Whether it’s Pebble Beach or Red Rock, high and low handicappers can enjoy golf even when there’s two feet of snow on the ground.

Amaze your golf partners in the spring by fine-tuning your game over the winter months. Increase club head speed, know how far you hit each club, improve accuracy, eliminate slices, pulls and hooks, try new clubs and balls to take advantage of the latest technology, or take a few lessons.  Regardless of your skill level, practice in the winter will take strokes off of your handicap.


Frequent players can take advantage of free club storage, participation in leagues, indoor handicap capture, the availability of club repair and re-gripping capabilities, and membership options.

After your round, join friends in the pub to watch Football or televised Golf on tour big screen TV’s. Hungry? Choose from an extensive menu of appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, chicken, salads, steaks, and ribs at unbelievable prices.  Thirsty?  All of your favorite beers and liquors are available in our full-service bar!

Open November 1 until the outdoor courses reopen in the spring, Mulligan’s Indoor Golf Club provides a great opportunity to keep your game in shape over the winter season.

Don’t let your game go south this winter!  Come to Mulligan’s Indoor Golf Club, and ENSURE that you will be on top of your game this spring!

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